What is Men Catalog?

Men Catalog is an online catalog with ads of those foreign men who are seeking a wife from Russia or Ukraine. Women browse ads of men and contact those whose ads interested them. As well as men can search women in our catalog by parameters, women can also set up their preferences in age, height, weight, children etc. Women write a special letter, called letter of introduction, and use this letter for initial contact with men in the catalog. Registration in Foreign Men Online Catalog is absolutely FREE! You have actually nothing to lose, PLUS! After you register and fill in your profile you will start getting letters of introduction from Russian women. We give you a wonderful chance to read 10 letters from our women FREE of charge, which will help you greatly in your decision to correspond with one or several women from One In A Million Catalog. If you decide to correspond with a woman through our email forwarding system you pay per letter according to the standard prices. to the top

How to post an ad into Men Catalog?

Your ad to the Men Online Catalog is created after your fill in the registration form. Photo for your profile is added when you upload it. to the top

Is it safe to post my pictures and basic information on my profile in Men Catalog?

It is absolutely safe! Only local marriage agencies who are registered in our affiliates program will have access to our Foreign Men Online Catalog, and thus only registered women will be able to browse the profiles of foreign men in our catalog. Besides, your contact information such as your email, street address, phone number are not available even for the agencies staff and can be viewed only by One In A Million Administration. to the top

How to delete my ad?

You can deactivate your ad from the Men Online Catalog or delete your account completely. If you do not want to get more letters from new women you should go to Change Options and choose to deactivate your ad. If you wish to delete your account completely, for example if you have met your women already, or decided that Russian bride is not for you, you should send a message through Support Center in the category "Delete My Ad". to the top

I do not want to get more letters from new women, what should I do?

If you decided to concentrate your attention on one or several women and do not want to be contacted by more new girls, you should deactivate your ad. Go to Change Options and in the section and choose a period for which you want to deactivate your ad (I would like my profile be deactivated in gentlemen catalog (but still get letters from ladies I am currently corresponding with) for: 7-14-21-28 days).to the top

How do I edit my profile?

To update information in your profile you should go to "Update Profile" section, make necessary changes in your profile, and then click "Save changes". to the top

How do I add photos to my profile?

To add or change photos for your profile, go to Upload Photos. To submit your photo for the catalog please click on browse button and choose the file with your photo (.jpg or .jpeg). You can submit up to 2 photos up to 500kb each. to the top

How do women see my ad in the catalog?

Women can see your ad through the special working terminal for agencies. Women come to the local marriage agency office, and with the help of one of the managers browse Men Catalog and choose men whom they like and want to contact. You can not actually see how your ad is seen by women, but if it is really important for you, you can ask us to send you a screen-shot of your ad. to the top

What is IMBRA form?

According to International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 after filing a petition for a K non-immigrant visa, the United States client will be subject to a criminal background check. The Consular Officer at interview will provide the visa applicant (your bride from Ukraine, Russia, or any other country than the USA) with a copy of the fiancee or spousal petition, and information and documents in her native language on any past marital and divorce history, past criminal history and past domestic violence history of the petitioner. The Consular Officer will also ask the visa applicant if the relationship was facilitated by an International Marriage Broker and, if so, confirm that the broker provided the applicant with information or documents about the petitioner's background. So, IF in the beginning of your contact the woman did not have all this information, it is possible that she will NOT get her Fiancee Visa. According to International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 the United States client should provide us, International Marriage Broker, with the future disclosure to potential United States client's partner in marriage, with the information we ask to provide in our IMBRA form. to the top

I forgot my password how can I login?

Use Forgot password form: simply type in the email address you used when registering, and information you need to log in to your account will be sent to your email. If you or your Internet services provider are using a spam filter, please go to your filter control and give permission to receive email from and to the top

How do I change my email address?

To change your email go to "Update Profile" section, make necessary changes, and then click "Save changes". to the top

What is my ID?

Your ID is the same as your the top