Why do you charge men but do not charge women for your services?

First of all, we take as our motto that "Gentlemen pay for everything!" Perhaps, in the West this tradition is dying, but in the FSU a woman takes it as a must that when a man is courting her he pays all expenses connected with dating, like dinners at the restaurants, visits to the cinema, taxi, vacation together, etc. In case with Internet dating a woman expects a man to pay for the services of the agency they both use. Secondly, it would be rather expensive for a woman to pay for letters and translation even if we shared the charges between men and women. But when you pay for your correspondence you can be sure she will never say she can't reply because she has no money to pay for Internet and the top

What do I pay for?

You pay for the services of our agency, namely: email forwarding, photo forwarding, gift delivery. You pay for contact information of the women. You pay only when you use our services, registration to our web-site is free. to the top

What is a POINT?

A POINT is a conventional monetary unit, so to say, One In A Million currency. You buy POINTs that allow you to use our services. POINTs are added to your account at One In A Million, and then deducted from this account each time you open or send a letter though the site, receive or send an additional photo using our photo-forwarding services, send an Inquiry, order a gift to be delivered. to the top

Why do you use POINTs but not real money?

POINTs allow us to manipulate with the costs of one piece of service, i.e. a POINT - the more POINTs you buy, the less 1 POINT costs you (it is always cheaper to buy in bulk). Plus, we can easily offer discounts for multiple POINTs for our members. to the top

How much one POINT cots?

The cost of 1 POINT differs depending on how many POINTs at once you buy: the more you buy, the less each POINT costs you. For example, if you buy 2 POINTs for $14.98, 1 POINT costs $7.49; if you buy 50 POINTs for $249.98, 1 POINT already costs $4.99. As you see, you get a discount per POINT on bulk purchases: you save $2.5 on every POINT, which makes $125 on 50 POINTs!to the top

How do I keep tracking of my account?

You have a special section in your account called Payment History. Every time you buy POINTs, this is recorded in your Payment History. Then, every piece of service for which you use your PONTs is reflected there, for example "-1 POINT Read letter from lady ID" or "0.25 POINTs send Inquiry for lady ID". to the top

How do I send payment?

You can pay for our services (add POINTs to your account) online using your credit card: log in to your account with login and password you received when registered; go by the link "Buy POINTs"; choose the method of payment (credit card or bank wire transfer); choose how many POINTs you want to buy; complete your credit card details. If you want to buy membership, on the second step you should choose "Buy Membership". to the top

Is it safe to give my credit card details online?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. You do not pay through Ukrainian or Russian bank, you complete your credit card information on a secure order page. 2BuySafe Retail our designated sales agent; when you pay through 2BuySafe Retail, to protect your privacy, information is submitted using TLS encryption and using 2BuySafe Retail order processing the top

When I pay, how long does it take for POINTs to be added to my account?

POINTs are added to user's account automatically. If you pay with cards and the payment goes through without problems, the funds are added within seconds. When you choose 2BuySafe Retail, you should wait up to 5 minutes until POINTs appear on your account at One In A Million. It is possible that the payment will be added with significant delay. It happens in case your email address in our database does not coincide with email in your payment account, or email you give when filling in your information on the secure payment page at 2BuySafe Retail. In this case payment is not added automatically and you will have to wait up to 24 hours: we will add the funds manually. to the top

Is it possible to send money by money transfer?

If for some reasons it is more convenient for you to send money by money transfer, you can do it. Contact us to get details for this payment; do NOT send money for One In A Million, we will not be able to receive it. to the top

I paid but money is still not on my account, why?

Usually funds are added to your account at One In A Million automatically right after your payment is made. But not if you pay with eCheck. It usually takes 3 to 10 business days for an eCheck payment to be cleared and funds to be transfered from your account to ours. We are not advised to ship items until the funds have cleared into our account, because sometimes eCheck payments do not clear. However, we add funds manually to those customers who regularly pay us. After your first eCheck payment to us clears successfully, you will be receiving funds to your account within 24 hours after you pay with eCheck. to the top

Payment limits?

We would like to attract your attention to payment limits that may be applied to your credit card: the number of transactions or amount allowed for a single card in a given time period is limited by our authorized Sales Agent:
Daily limit: max total amount: 5000, max number of transactions: 10
Weekly limit: max total amount: 7000 max number of transactions: 20
Monthly limit: max total amount: 10000 max number of transactions: 30
Keeping in mind the limit for max number of transaction for a given period of time for one card you can use several credit cards to pay for our services, BUT we would recommend you a better way out:
make payments for a larger amount with one payment and you will get the same amount of POINTs or chat minutes for lower cost and will be using your card less often. to the top