About Russian women in the Internet

Why Russian women search for a foreign husband?

The truth is that Russian women are not searching for a foreign husband - foreign is not the key-word here, Russian women are searching for a husband, and for many of them it actually doesn't matter whether they will marry a man from Russia or a foreigner. Russian women come to the agencies and place their ads online on the International dating web-sites because there are many foreign men who search for a Russian wife. At the same time the life goes on, and if a Russian woman meets a worthy man in Russia who proposes marriage, she will marry him. Each woman is seeking stability with a nice, honest, faithful man to love, to marry, to establish serious relations and create a family. If this man is a from another country - why not? For the sake of a good man a woman will go to the end of the earth.to the top

Why Russian women want much older man as a husband?

The statement that Russian women are searching for an older man to marry is not actually right. Let's say it like this: a Russian woman would not mind marrying a foreign man who is much older than she. Women get mature younger than men - it is determined physiologically. People in Russia in general get mature earlier because of hardships of life. And thus, physiologically and sociologically Russian women at 20-25 are as mature as Western men at 35-40. Looking at this problem from the point of view of the "demand and supply": who are the foreign men who search for a wife from Russia? Men of 40-50 and more years of age who divorced their western wife and do not want to date western women, or were busy with the career and because of the lack of time did not create a family, and think now its time to have that special woman at one's side. Foreign men of 25-35 (at least serious marriage-minded young men) are "rare birds" on International dating web-sites. Thus it is normal that a Russian girl of 20-25 would say in her profile that she doesn't mind a husband 15-20 years older. But the main thing is that a man should realize whether he will be able to fulfill desires of much younger partner, both physiological needs like regular sex and sociological like active life, meetings with friends, discos and night clubs.to the top

Why so many young Russian brides in your catalog?

Traditionally, Russians marry in young age, it is considered that a woman at 25 should be married, and mothers start worrying about a girl not being married when she is 18. Those girls who found a worthy guy in Russia are lucky, as there are not so many nice guys in Russia nowadays. Lonely girls consider an opportunity to meet and marry a foreigner. As it was said above, Russian women get mature at young age and quite ready to create a family being 20-25. The circle of communication of a Russian girl is limited to the people of her age, and young 20-25 year old men are not ready for serious relations and family life (those guys who were ready are married already).Thus a girl comes to the marriage agency and her data appears on different dating web-sites. to the top

Why Russian women do not use free web-sites?

There are several reasons why Russian women prefer to use marriage agency services but not free web-sites. First of all, a great number of women do not have computer and Internet access, do not know how to work in the Internet and place an ad on the dating web-sites, do not know how to find such web-sites. They come to the agency where professional staff help and advise about correspondence with foreign men. Another factor is English speaking ability: though English is taught at school, not many people need a foreign language in their everyday life; so all knowledge got at school and in the University vanish from woman's head as soon as she finishes studying. You will find quite a lot of younger women with middle level of English, and very few women after 30 who speak English (unless they need the language every day at work). Money: the services of many international dating agencies are free for women because it is a man who pays for everything. The last but not the least factor to be named here is serious men. Yes, it is believed that is a man pays for correspondence he is serious about every letter he writes, and if he contacts a woman he is really serious about developing long-term relations with her but not just having fun in the internet. to the top

Why Russian women use services of the marriage agency?

Russian women prefer marriage agencies to free web-sites for several reasons. First of all, they consider men who pay for agency services are more serious about meeting the right partner. Secondly, to use services of the agency is convenient for women: it is the agency that searches for serious web-sites with foreign men and posts women profile to the web-sites; the agency checks daily whether there are new messages for a woman, calls her and informs about new letters, translates letters for women, gives a woman possibility to browse men online catalog at the agency and sends woman's introduction letter to the men she chooses. And all this is absolutely free. A woman, who is hardly familiar with the internet, just would not be able to find enough time for this. All she has to do is come to the agency, pick up her mail and leave her replies; when it is convenient for her agree with the agency personnel about browsing the men catalog.to the top

Why so many Russian women do not speak English?

The answer is simple - they do not need it. Or, actually, did not need to speak English before they decided to marry a foreign husband. But even being a client of the marriage agency and corresponding with foreign men a Russian bride does not know whether she will marry an English-speaking man. Among Russian brides there are a lot of women for whom marrying a foreigner and moving to a foreign country to live better life is not the key factor at all. They are just searching for a husband, and online dating is not the worst method of search. Correspondence is only a means to get acquainted with the man and get to know each other better. And when a man and a woman meet in reality, like each other and decide to marry - then the woman starts learning the language, as she is going to move to the country where people speak different language and she will need this language to communicate with people. to the top

Why Russian women in your catalog are so beautiful?

First of all, Russian women and Slavic women in general are famous for their beauty. And, secondly, what you see in the pictures in our catalog is in most cases the best women can look. They wear nicest clothes in which they look pretty, they do make-up, pose in front of the mirror to show most attractive parts of their body, look through women magazines to see how models pose for professional photographers and try to do the same. Women often make several sets of photos for the online catalog, most daring girls make provokative pictures, and all this with only purpose to attract man's attention. to the top

Why Russian women use professional photos?

Russian women want to attract man's attention, and competition in the Internet is very high, as you see. So, women go to professional photo studios to make good pictures. Secondly, the agencies prefer to work with professionally made pictures because of their high quality: photos made with professional photo-camera have good quality that is not lost after scanning of the pictures, resizing and re-sampling them. to the top

How do you find women profiles for your web-site?

We are affiliated with many Russian and Ukrainian marriage and dating agencies. These marriage agencies advertise their services in their native cities and invite women interested in serious relations with foreigners to come to the office and fill in an application. Local marriage agencies also make pictures of the women, or send them to a professional photographer to do a photo session. Then the local dating agency translates woman's application, and posts woman's information to various International dating web-sites. Services of the local dating agency are free for women. to the top

Why your Russian brides are also on other web-sites?

The matter is we work with marriage and dating agencies in different cities of Ukraine and Russia. We call such agencies local marriage agencies. They advertise their services in their cities, women come to register to the agency office, receive letters from foreign men at this agency. Very often women do not even know to which web-sites their ad is posted, for them the main thing is that she is getting letters from foreign men. To increase women's chances to meet the right partner local agencies place woman's ad on several web-sites. Besides, a woman can be a client of different marriage agencies in her native city. to the top

Are Russian women in your catalog real?

Yes, all our women are real, their identity is checked by the local marriage agencies. The local marriage agencies who participate in our affiliates program are obliged to ask for woman's ID (usually it is her passport), and have a copy of this ID at hand (as a scan or xerox copy) at the agency. We often ask to provide us with this copy to make sure that information in the profile (name, date of birth, marital status) is right.to the top

How can I be sure that all girls in your database are real?

We do guarantee that women at One In A Million are real. If you have doubts that a girl you see in our women catalog really exists, you can write us and tell what proofs of the existence you need. Usually, a local agency will make a photo of a woman holding a sign "Hello, I am real". The easiest way to check whether a woman is real - and not so humiliating for a woman - is to order a gift delivery with a photo on delivery. to the top

What kind of a background check do you do?

We do not check woman's background. We only check woman's ID (passport) to make sure that this woman is who she says she is, her date of birth is right (older women often ask local agencies whether it would be possible to lie a little about the actual age, thinking the profile would attract more men is it says a woman is younger), marital status, children, address of registration. to the top