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Date of birth:

Feb 26, 1995




5ft 9" (177 cm)


114 lb (52 kg)

Hair color:


Eyes color:








Marital status:









University degree

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Total photos: 10, Bikini photos: 3

English language:

middle level

Hobbies & interests:

I used to do modeling for many years (this was one of my first jobs), so it is still interesting for me, and I take part in some modeling projects in Ukraine and abroad (destroying all those stereotypes that all models are brainless, lol). Psychology is my main interest in life. I really love to help other people look deeper inside themselves. I read many books on this subject, because that one who heals the human soul needs to learn as much as any doctor who heals the human body. I hope to find here the man, who looks for much more, than just long legs and pretty face, because definitely the market for such things is full already). Also, I like to stay in good shape, so sport plays a very important role in my life. I go to the gym several times a week, and I also adore swimming. I hope my future partner will share my approach to a healthy lifestyle.

About me:

I know how to start life from the very beginning in a new country, because I have lived abroad all my life. I worked hard since I was 18 because I had to pay for my education. I have a Master's degree in Psychology, and I adore my profession, because I believe that in the 21st century, people need to take care of their emotional health as well as their physical health. I used to live in China, Italy, South Korea and many other countries, so the first thing my future partner should know about me is, to be honest, nothing keeps me here in Ukraine, and I am ready to relocate to that city, where I find my destiny. Maybe it sounds weird - but I never had a true family (I will tell you in a private letter how it happened), so I decided to register here to finally get what I have always lacked..I am a woman that has a mind, dreams, expectations and confidence in my "Self," to share them with the one I love. I am sexy and sensual, and I know the difference between these two!

Seeks Partner:

27 - 70 years old

Looks For Men Type:

I do not strive to re-build my Man, but I want to lead him so He becomes a Better Man, with MY Support. I don't care about the age as I have seen many successful relationships where people had a big or even huge age difference. It is more important how you feel inside than your actual age, and this rule always works. I really don't understand those people who are afraid to start a relationship because of the age difference. We live only once, so why not try something that would lead you to the love of your life? I know that most men think that beautiful ladies need someone with big muscles and a big wallet, but it is far from being true. I don't care if you are poor or in what physical condition you are. As a true man is not about beauty or his job. It is about his kind heart and the way he treats people around him. If you have a kind heart and want to have an honest and loyal relationship full of love and support, then you are my type.