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Date of birth:

Aug 01, 1981




5ft 4" (165 cm)


121 lb (55 kg)

Hair color:


Eyes color:








Marital status:









Higher Education

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Total photos: 61, Bikini photos: 5

English language:

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Hobbies & interests:

I have numerous interests and hobbies and it would take a great deal of time to enlist them all, but I can say that despite of it, I am always open to something new and if my beloved man wants us to try something new, I will be just happy to do it with him, and to share some of his hobbies. I love snorkeling, love doing sports, cooking is an important part of my life as I am on healthy nutrition, and believe me, it can be very tasty too. I love reading, driving. I am very much interested in make up art and everything connected with beauty sphere. I am also involved in charity. Of course, most of my time I devote to my beloved daughter.

About me:

I believe that I am a confident in myself woman and I know what I want from life, from career, from relations with a beloved man. I am very communicative and it is easy for me to make new friends, although I have many friends I have been known for many years. I am the one, who does not like any conflicts, but at the same time, if it is necessary I will defend myself and my nearest and dearest. I am emotionally stable and calm person without any drama in life. I am tactful, accurate and intelligent, with a good sense of humor and with a well developed sense of beauty, with a good taste in general. I am the one, who is always opening new horizons for myself, trying to learn the essence of everything around including myself. I am always honest with myself and with other people. I think that someone, who does not have anything to hide, would not try to seem better than she is. Being a woman, I am very caring, tender and gentle.

Seeks Partner:

35 - 70 years old

Looks For Men Type:

I am looking for an intelligent man that is for sure, it is nice for me to know that my man also wants to develop himself and to learn something new, but it is also important that a man is able to admit his own mistakes, or when he does not know something, or when he is wrong in something. My future husband should be able to empathize, to share emotions and feelings, to be attentive to me. He may be a tough leader in business, but should be always tender in relations with me. Being the head of the family, I see my partner as a very responsible person. I am sure that a real man should be honest not just with other people around him, but first of all, with himself. Of course, I would appreciate a great sense of humor in my future spouse too. I see my beloved one as a charismatic, communicative, neat person with good manners. My sweetheart should not be dependent on anyone both financially and morally.