City info

Population: 500.000 inhabitants   Total area: 244 sq. km
Climate: The climate of Mariupol region is moderate continental, warmest in the Donets basin.. The average temperature in January is 6 degrees below zero Centigrade and in July 24 degrees Centigrade.
Districts: Zhovtnevy, Ilychevsky, Ordjonikidzevsky, Primorsky.
Language: The city is predominantly Russian-speaking due to offensive politics of russification. Mariupol is a splendid city in the east of Ukraine, situated on the coast of the Azov sea, at the mouth of Kalmius River, only 116 km from Donetsk.
The city was founded as Mariupol in 1778 by Crimean Greeks. In 1840s, many Russians and Ukrainians, who were attracted by the geographical position of the town, fertility of the soils near the Azov Sea, close vicinity of natural resources, and the proximity of major industrial and commercial centres, resettled here. At the end of the nineteenth century, Mariupol became the biggest industrial centre of the south of Russia and important transport junction. During World II it was occupied by German forces from 1941 to 1943 ans suffered heavy damage. It was called Zhdanov from 1948 to 1992 in honor of Andrey Zhdanov, a Communist official. Mariupol today is one of Ukraine's busiest seaport and the capital of metallurgical production in the Ukraine.

Economical situation

Mariupol is an important seaport, a railroad terminus and an industrial center. Population is prevailingly employed in industry (47,7% of the total number of the employed), transport (11,3%), construction (11,5%). The city is a multi- functional center. Main branches of industry are: metallurgic ("Azovstal", Illiuch steel factories, coke plant, machinery and metal processing (steel construction plant, shipyard, medicine appliances, graphite, voling); construction materials, net knitting, shoe, stocking factories, food (fish, cannery, milk, butter plants, bakery).

The port

Mariupol is also a big port. The Commercial Port of Mariupol is one of the oldest parts of Ukraine, and was opened in 1889. Today The Port of Mariupol is reckoned among three largest ports of Ukraine. It is the largest port by its capacity and development in the Azov Sea. The port is connected by railway and motorway, air and river communications with all countries of CIS and foreign countries.


Major city transport is buses, trolley buses, trams; trolley bus lines are 88,3 km, tram lines are 113,7 km. You can come to Mariupol by bus, by train and by plane. Mariupol International Airport (7 km from the centre of the city) is one of the most perspective Ukrainian airlines. Mariupol is a part of Donetsk- Moscow rail road and others direct train routes to the largest Ukrainian cities such as Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa, Kharkov as well as to the Russian cities - Moscow and Rostov.


Mariupol has local branches of branches of leading Ukrainian banks banks such as Sberbank, Aval bank, Prominvestbank, Privatbank, Ukrsocbank, First Ukrainian International bank.


Mariupol has a number of Ukraine's famous higher educational institutes: Priazovsky State Technical University (it is one of the oldest Universities in Ukraine. It was founded in 1930) Mariupol State University of Humanitarian Sciences (It is the only higher educational establishment in the CIS countries where the Greek language is studied at all the specialities as a second major. It is entered the European Association for International Education which represents a network of more than 1200 professionals in international education in Europe and other parts of the world)
The city also has 66 high, 8 music and sports schools, 11 trade schools, 21 hospitals, seaside resort, 26 libraries (1191 000 books), 24 clubs.


Mariupol is a cultural center. The energetic rhythm of the city's life will never leave you any time to be bored. Mariupol is known not only for its historical places, museums and monuments, the charm of the city lies in its old buildings and shadowy alleys. One of the coziest streets of the city, called "Little Arbat" by the locals. (Arbat is one of the central streets in Moscow). In the afternoon you can enjoy a stroll along it, peeping into the tiny shops shops at the both sides. And in the evening you can observe all the pick of the Mariupol youth's underground. The benches of Arbat are their favourite place. The city got three new fountains, the biggest of which you are looking at now. A very industrial and modern construction, and a very popular place in summer when the heat reaches 30 degrees Calcium. The beaches of the Azov sea offer a wonderful opportunity to get away from the stressful noisiness of the city life and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the sea-side.

Hotel "European"

It was built in 2003. Hotel "European" offers 17 room of deluxe quality with nice and cosy interior.Hotel "European" is proud of its restaurant, which is quite cozy and serves European and Slavic cuisine. This new hotel is located not far from the Mariupol city center, on the Maritime (Primorsky) Boulevard.

Each room has:
• satellite TV;
• workplace with Internet access plug;
• individual climate control;
• mini-bar;
• robe and slippers;
• hairdryer.
Buffer breakfast is included to the room cost.

Rates per room per night (including buffet breakfast)
• Single - 196
• Double\ Twin - 233
• Junior suite - 289
• Suite - 392
• Apartment - 784
Prices are given in USD, and include all applicable state and local taxes

Address: 9, Primorskiy Boulevard
Tel. : +38 (0629) 530373

Hotel "Spartak"

The hotel "Spartak" has been serving in the industry of hospitality in Mariupol from 1184.
But unlike the major part of hotels there, this one located in historical center, distantly from busy and noisy industrial part of the city. Being located in the corner of Lenin street (the main street of the city) the hotel "Spartak" is in a proximity to best restaurants, shops and banks.Having survived through inhospitable Soviet times, the hotel has finally gained comfort and coziness again. All rooms are renovated, have air-conditioning and mini bar.
There is number of sea-view rooms with a balcony. Free breakfast for hotel guests. Conference room for 80 participants is available, plus usual hotel amenities such as laundry, beauty parlor, restaurant, pool rooms and bar.

Rates per room per night (including buffet breakfast):
• Standard single - 35
• Standard twin - 53
• Standard double - 55
• Superior twin - 64
• Superior double - 66
• Standard junior suite -77
• Superior junior suite - 88
• Standard suite - 110
• Superior suite - 121
• Apartment - 154

Prices are given in USD, and include all applicable state and local taxes

Address: 13, Kharlampievskaya Street
Tel. +38 (0629) 331088, +38 (0629) 332218, +38 (0629) 331133

Hotel "Meridian"

The hotel is located in the city center, Close to the train station, in a very green area. It is situated not far from sea port. The hotel offers single, double, twin rooms and suites.

All the rooms have:
• bathrooms with the shower cubicle (no bus-tub)
• TV set (including international channels)
• air-conditioner
• telephone with local and international access.
• The hotel has autonomous heating system, which guaranties 24h hot water supply.

It is also can offer you such amenities:
• bar
• billiards
• business center
• gym
• restaurant
• sauna

Address: 3 Admiral Lunin Prospect
Tel. +38 (0629) 379837, +38(0629) 377134, +38(0629) 378171

Hotel "Chayka" (hotel "Sea-gull")

You can find here several kinds of rooms, such as: one-bed rooms, two-bed rooms, first-class rooms.
"Chayka", the European-class hotel, can also offer you: a bar, a restaurant, a business-center, satellite TV, a car park, a billiard hall.

Address: Primorski avenue, 7
Tel: + 38 (0629) 376084, + 38 (0629) 372186

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