Photos for your profile

Western guys should give more attention to their photos: when a woman sees in your profile picture from your first wedding in which you just have "cut off" your ex-wife, it doesn't look like you are serious, and many women would feel humiliated if a man with such picture in his profile contacts them: you know that Ukrainian women take pains to show you the best, sometimes make several photo-sessions at different photographers to attract your attention, and you post to your profile just any picture of yours... If you are not going to the photo-studio to make pictures, try at least find one where you are alone, without ex-girlfriends or any other women (even if it is your mother or sister), where you look good, where you are (preferably) dressed nicely, and most important - this should be a recent picture of yourself.

The letter without photo is like an anonymous letter. It is necessary to include your picture in the first letter, or, it would be cheaper and easier, post a picture to your profile. Choose this picture very carefully. Don't think that women tell the truth when they say they don't care about looks. They do, though it is not the most important for them, looks is what a woman sees and pays attention to.

You may not look like Tom Cruise, but you need to send an honest photo where you look like what you really look like. Do not send a picture taken 20 years ago, find a recent photo of yourself. If you send pictures where you look much better than in real life, there is a great chance that you will waste all this time on correspondence just to be rejected after personal meeting. But do not choose the worst one either. Don't send photo where you are clearly not sober, or unshaven, or with dirty clothes on.

Do not use for profile photos of you in a company of your former wife, your children or girlfriends. It does not intrigue the ladies, just irritates them. Don't send the picture of landscape where your own face is hard to see. She wants to see you first, not the view from you backyard. Some men consciously send pictures where his face is blurred, in unnatural position, expression, and so on. They are trying to conceal the age, physical flaws, etc. The common thinking is that if the girl falls in love with the person that you are, she would eventually overlook the physical appearance. It does happen. However, more often than not, it is a waste of time for both of you. Being honest with the pictures will save you time in the long run.

In the process of correspondence you may exchange pictures of your city, friends, pets, etc. But there should be your face in the first one. It's a good idea to comment the photos. Write when and where it was made. You also may recall something funny about that time in your life or this place.