Letter writing tips

How to succeed in developing Internet relations through letters? What should you tell and which topics you should avoid? How many women should you write to? We hope this article will answer your questions on how to proceed in the Internet dating and, hopefully, will help you to avoid common mistakes.

Write to as many ladies as you can.

The more ladies you write to - the more chances you get to find that special one. Write to as many ladies as you can. Do not use templates for your letters, except for the first one. It is ok to write a standard first letter. Don't let any woman you write feel she's not the only one you're in correspondence with. If you write to many women, save all your letters and their answers, be very careful not to mix up your women. As your correspondence proceeds you will reduce the number of your potential foreign brides to three or four, and then will actually come to meet them. One more thing you should note: try to choose women from one region if you are not going to spend weeks on your trips to Ukraine and Russia. Think ahead, and browse catalogs of women from only Ukraine, or only Russia, or even limit your search to one city. When you have chosen Russian women you would like to contact, start with sending your letter of introduction.

The first letter is a key to your future relationship.

As they say, you will never have a second opportunity to make first impression. Reading this letter the lady of your choice will decide what kind of man you are. It's a chance to make her interested. So you should do your best to impress her. But remember that long letters are not always good, especially for the beginning of the correspondence, simply because you give too much information, a woman can't reply at once every question you ask and comment every paragraph you write about yourself, the girl leaves a letter to be replied later... and it becomes as a must for her, not what she is willing to do. Yes, she liked you but she can't digest all the information. Your desire to say as much as possible about yourself in the first letter is understandable, but it doesn't always work good. You should try to make your first letter rather short, but bright; this letter should induce woman to write back. And DO ask questions, not just a phrase "just write something similar to what I wrote" - in most cases you will get a pre-written letter "about myself" with at least several phrases concerning your profile and photo.

The size of your letters.

The letter should be long enough to arouse interest, but not make the woman tired of reading. The optimal size is one to one and a half pages. The first letter should be informative but don't make a report out of it. You shouldn't repeat information given in your profile in the gentlemen's catalog, remember that the girl will get your profile and photo with the first letter from you. In your first letter you can tell her about the city you are from, give some information about your family, education and job. The autobiography should not take more then about 1/3 of the letter. Tell her in short about your hobbies, maybe about the music and books you like. If you like movies, for example, tell what your favorites movies are, actors, ask whether she knows them. Such small personal things make your letter warmer.

Keep your first letter light and fun

You need to be honest from the very beginning. But it doesn't mean you have to write everything. Like the first date, you need to keep your first letter light and fun. A little humor is a plus, just don't go overboard with the jokes. Do not have too much of philosophy as it can be boring, too much of love and romance is hard to believe, and too much of "I do not like", "I hate" make your letter sound negative. Just keep it optimistic, no negative topics. Do not bring up your recent divorce and never say anything bad about Western women, or about anybody else. Your letters should not make an impression you are unhappy in any way. They should be letters written by a man who is confident, satisfied with his life, and comfortable around other people. But to make his life complete he is seeking for woman he could love.

What to write about

Describe your best qualities. Maybe you are very successful in your career; maybe you are a fine swimmer? Select the things the lady would prefer out of all you've got, but don't lie. You need to make her interested in yourself, not in some ideal man. Don't be too serious; tell her something funny. It may be a story about yourself, something about your childhood or last vacation. You should mention her name several times in each letter, not only in greeting. This would make her feel that the letter had been written specially for her, not as a template for sending to many other women. You may also ask about her name's meaning. Try not to mention money. The point of your correspondence is to develop a special relationship with a Russian woman, not to purchase one. You can write that your financial position is stable. But don't try to impress her with your wealth and possessions, don't mention you've got 3 cars, boats or country-house etc. even if it's true. It will look like you want to demonstrate not yourself but your money. But at the same time don't write you are not rich. Some men do this in order to look modest, and not to oversell themselves. Tell her one or two compliments in each letter. Don't write she's beautiful as it's what almost everyone says. You should carefully study the lady's profile and her letters to make the compliment she will notice. That will help you to see what qualities she appreciates the most.

Ask her some questions in each of your letters.

It will be easier for her to compose the answer if you write what you want to know about her. And it will make her feel you are really interested in her. The optimal number of questions is about 4-6 and you should keep 1-2 of them for the very end of the letter. Put them along the lines, not as a questionnaire. Insert short questions after each passage, like in the end of the passage where you tell about your job ask the girl a question about hers, like "I read in your profile you are... tell me do you like your job? why did you choose this profession?" When you tell about place where you live, ask the girl to tell you about her city (mentioning the name of the city will make her feel the letter is personal and you studied her profile; but don't cite information about her city which you found in the Internet - it sounds funny; but paraphrasing would do well). If you ask about Russia or her own city try not to write ordinary questions. Let the lady feel you already know a lot about her native land, but you want to know more. Also include 1-2 promises to tell something interesting or to send funny photo in your future letters. Don't ask questions she may not want to answer. For example, if you know she was divorced not long ago it would be tactlessness to ask her about details. Never write or ask anything about sex. It is a big turn-off for most women, regardless of nationality. You may talk about it later, only if she brings it up.

If you know the lady has a child

make it clear this does not scare you away.You may ask some question about the child. To feel your good attitude towards her children is of great importance for every woman. She will certainly appreciate it. If you have children, tell her about them. Write their names and age, mention who the children live with. If you spend much time with your children, don't write about it in your first letter. You may tell her how much you care about your children later. To write it in first letter means to scare her, because a lot of women think that your children may prevent your relationship. If you write about it later, she is more likely to interpret it as an advantage. It will mean you are a loving father who easily makes friends with kids.


Well, this was just general advice, based on our working experience, just to help you to get started. Remember, you can break any of the rules if you feel your chosen lady will like it! After all, there is no such thing as an ideal letter, which would make every woman interested. Be yourself, and you will find your woman! We really hope that you will find the right woman, with our help or without it - it really doesn't matter. We just will be happy when one more Russian bride will find her happiness with a real foreign man who knows how to treat women. Always keep in mind that letter writing is only a means to find out as much information about a woman as possible. But the decision will be taken only after personal meeting. Do not forget about it.