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Completing the K-1 Fiancee Visa can leave many gentlemen feeling very frustrated and uncertain about the procedure. Many become confused by the myriad web sites that give contradictory advice. USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) forms require great attention to detail when completing, the task of filling them in is overwhelming and the pressure to do everything correctly to satisfy requirements of the USCIS and US Embassy is unnerving.

With the amount of contradictory advice available on the Internet you can be easily misled into making fatal mistakes when completing the process by yourself. If you submit the application incorrectly, the USCIS will not approve it and you must begin again. The USCIS doesn't reimburse your filing fees, nor do they telephone you to explain why your Fiancee Visa application was denied. Only 60% of all applications are accepted on the original submission and the other 40% are returned. Many gentlemen become frustrated by the complexity and demands of the task and feel compelled to use an attorney to avoid making mistakes.

Hire an attorney to avoid fatal mistakes.

We advise you to hire an attorney if you have actual immigration problems because of an illegal act, status or circumstance. But you don't need to hire an attorney to complete and submit a K-1 Fiancee Visa application. The price of an attorney fluctuates between $1800.00 and $4000.00 and often times, the applicant is misled to believe the attorney can influence the processing time your application takes to be approved. Reality is much different! The USCIS processes all applications that are completed correctly, regardless of who completes them. No one can influence your processing time once your application arrives to the USCIS Service Center. No one has a timeline advantage over another service or attorney. The task is to complete the application correctly to avoid delays or denials from initial submission. Most importantly, the majority of attorneys only want to be involved with the American petitioner. Many attorneys don't provide support for your fiancee in Russia and have no effective means to communicate with her. This shifts the burden of translating her documents, collecting her information and addressing her concerns to you. This can place stress on both of you, because your fiancee's part of the process is very important and if completed incorrectly, can lead to failure even if your part of the application was perfect.

Fiancee Visa Support

Make sure everything is done correctly and hire Nevesta International Fiancee Visa Support. This company specializes in completing K-1/K-2 Fiancee Visa applications and have perfected the process to make it the most efficient, guaranteed, fast and convenient option for you. They are professionals in this field, understand the procedure intimately and have guided countless couples with their service to absolute success. Nevesta International has a 100% approval rate and provide a money back guarantee. Your application will be cared of, you will be kept informed about your application status. Contact Nevesta International anytime and receive a rapid response to your questions and concerns.You will also find more information about fiancee visa support at Nevesta International web-site. Do not forget to mention that you were referred by One-In-A-Million.