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How much does it cost to correspond through your web-site?

Reading a letter of introduction from a woman - 0.25 of a POINT
Writing a letter to a woman - 1 POINT
Reading a reply from a woman - 1 POINT
Sending 1 additional photo to a woman - 0.5 of a POINT
Receiving 1 additional photo from a woman - 0.5 of a POINTto the top

What is an Inquiry?

Inquiry note is a short standard note a man sends to a woman expressing his interest in her. Such note is sent from woman's profile page with the help of "Inquiry" button. You can send an Inquiry to those women with whom you have not had any contact through our site before. The text of the Inquiry is standard. Inquiry is received by the woman's agency. The agency calls the woman, invites her to the office to have a look at man's profile. Within a week a man gets a reply to the Inquiry; this reply is also standard one, either yes or no. We advise to send an Inquiry in the beginning of correspondence, after positive reply to your Inquiry you will be able to send an email or postal letter knowing already that the woman is interested in you. to the top

How to keep tracking of my Inquiries?

As soon as you register at One In A Million, a personal account is created for you. All inquiries you send, letters you write or receive are stored in the respective sections of your account. Inquiries you send are stored in the section of your account called Inquiries. Each Inquiry you have sent is accompanied with a woman's photo and information; the photo of a woman is also a link to her detailed profile. You can delete Inquiries that were already replied. Notifications about replies to your Inquiries are sent to your email; you will be receiving such notifications if you have chosen to receive them, or you may choose not to get such notifications, and in this case you will have to check Your Inquiries section in your account. You can change the settings through Change Options. to the top

Why send Inquiries instead of letters?

The main reason would be the cost of the Inquiry: an Inquiry is 4 times cheaper than a letter, and in general has the same effect as a first letter ? attracts woman's attention to your profile and personality and tells her about your interest. The disadvantage of an Inquiry is that it is a standard note, you can't change it and add special words you would like to say to a girl you liked. to the top

Why in reply to my Inquiry a girl says she did not see my photo when I have posted one to my profile?

This can happen in such case: you uploaded a picture for your profile, but our photo-editor has not yet resized the pictures and your photos are not available for the women to view them. That is why we would advise you to wait up to 24 hours after you upload pictures for your profile, and only then start sending Inquiry notes. to the top

Why my Inquiry is replied so fast?

Inquiries are usually replied faster than letters, because all the agency should do is to show your profile to the woman, and the woman should only tell yes or no as to her wish to correspond with you. In case with letters your letter should be translated for the woman, delivered to her, she needs time to read it and think it over, then write her reply and the agency needs time to translate it. When man's profile is without a picture, all the agency should do is call the woman and read your profile to her on the phone. That's why your Inquiry can be replied within hours. to the top

Can men and women exchange direct contact information in letters?

Yes, men and women can exchange postal addresses and phone numbers in letters sent through our email forwarding system, but they can not exchange emails, emails are automatically deleted from the letters. Please, note that you can ask the lady for her contact information only after you write her 5 letters. You can ask for lady's contact information in your sixth letter. The lady should give this information to you personally. Administration of the site do not give contact information of the ladies to men.to the top

Why can't I give my email address in a letter to a woman?

As you know, we work with different local marriage and dating agencies. Some of these agencies may try to promote their own services, and spam known addresses of men who are ready to pay for translation and letter forwarding. Besides, women who address the agency do not have direct emails, and in most cases you would get agency's email address in a woman's letter. One more thing is, if we allowed to exchange emails this would encourage our competitors to exploit the system by posting fake profiles, solicit your email address, and use it for their own marketing purposes. to the top

When do I expect reply to my letter?

Letters sent through our email forwarding system are usually replied rather fast: our statistics shows that 75% of letters are replied within the first week. With the purpose to make your correspondence faster many agencies now dictate men's letters to women on the phone, and get women's replies the same way. But some women prefer to think over their replies to men which may cause the delay. to the top

Why I have not received a reply to my letter?

If you contact a woman for the first time and she doesn't want to correspond with you, we ask the agencies to control it and not to send refusal letters from women, so men would not pay for opening such letters. Sometimes women reply letters with delay, being busy and not having time to come to the agency and bring their replies. So, do not worry much if you do not get woman's reply within days, wait a little. to the top

Is there a limit to the number of characters in a letter?

For 1 POINT you can send a letter up to 10000 symbols long (approximately three sheets of paper when the letter is printed), every 100 symbols over 10000 cost 0.02 of a POINT. If your letter exceeds this number of characters, you will be asked whether you want to pay extra or make your letter shorter. to the top

Where do I get my letters?

All letters women from One In A Million write you arrive to your Inbox. Inbox is an area of your account where you can see letters sent to you by the women. All incoming letters are sorted according to the date they were sent. You can see an "icon" of the girl who wrote you. Next to the thumbnail photo of the woman you see short information about her: woman's name, ID, age, and city she lives in. By clicking on this icon you will be able to view detailed profile of the lady (which by default will be opened in the same window). You can also see information about the letter: the date when this letter was sent by the woman's local agency, whether or not you have opened this letter (note: if you once opened a letter you are never charged second time for opening the same letter), and status of this letter. Status of the letter shows whether it is an introductory letter of the lady (First letter - 0.25 POINT), reply from the lady to your letter (Status: Answer 1 POINT). So, if you would like to open a letter you should only click open/read this letter link below. If you are not going to read the letter you can delete it by clicking "Delete this letter from Inbox" link. The letter then will go to Trash folder in your member area. Letters from the Trash are deleted automatically in 60 days. Until a letter is deleted from Trash folder you can restore it to your Inbox and read it. to the top

How do I reply to a letter?

When you opened a letter in your Inbox, read it and want to reply, there is a button "Reply" under the text of the message. When you click this button, a window for composing a new message opens. You can type the text of your letter there. If you are going to send a long letter, we would advise you to compose it in a text document, and then to copy and paste it into the text area on the web-site. to the top

How do I send a letter to a woman I liked?

You can send a letter to a woman from the woman's profile page by clicking "Email me now" button. If you are not logged in to your account, you will be asked to login. If you do not have enough funds on your account for writing a letter, you will be notified about it. to the top

Why the letters I receive are generic?

It is a common procedure for men and women place a profile on the international dating web-site and then contact potential partners with a letter about oneself. Such letter is usually called a letter of introduction. This letter is usually composed only once, and then sent to many addressees with the hope to get replies and start correspondence. A letter of introduction is generic as it gives details about the person who wrote it, but does not deal with the profile of the person to whom this letter is sent. to the top

Are the letters sent by a woman or by the agency?

The letters are written by the woman, but sent by the agency personell. You should understand, that it is the agency equipment that is used for typing and sending the letter, it is the agency personnel who translates, types and sends woman's letter. The woman only writes her letter to the man. to the top

I do not want to get notifications about letters, what should I do?

You should simply change your Options for this: log in to your account, go to Change Options, choose whether you want to get notifications about letters and how often (every time a letter arrives to your Inbox, once a day or once a week informing how many letters you received within the given period), or you do not want to get notifications about letters at all. to the top

Why do I receive so many letters?

You get many letters because we have many marriage-minded women in our catalog, who actively search for a foreign husband, and regularly browse men online catalog at their local agencies. Newest men get more letters than men whose ad has been in the catalog for a while, and it is only natural: both new women and women whose profiles were uploaded some time ago but who still continue searching will send letters to new men. Taking into consideration that we have 100 and more new women weekly, theoretically each new man may get up to 100 letters every week. to the top

Can I send photos to women?

Yes, you can send photos to women. To send a photo, go to your account, select link Support Center, create a new ticket in the category Photo forwarding. In the message you should write who you send photos to, and attach the photos. Each photo forwarded this way costs 0,5 of a POINT. to the top

Can women send additional photos to me?

Yes, a woman can you her additional photos as well. She brings her photos to the agency. We send you a message asking whether you would like to get additional photos from a woman. If you agree with the charges (0,5 POINT for 1 photo) and agree to get the pictures, photos are scanned and forwarded to you through Support Center, ticket category Photo Forwarding. to the top


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How much does it cost to watch a video of a woman?

Costs of video-clips are different depending on the length and content of the video. The cost of watching 1 video varies from 0.25 of a POINT to 1 POINT. If a lady has several video clips available, you can watch all clips of the lady with a discount. Service package subscribers get 20 free videos every month of the subscription. to the top

How to watch a video of a woman?

Click icon "VIDEO" either in a catalog or in a woman's profile. You will be redirected to the list of video a girl has available and short description of the video, as well as the cost of viewing each video. Choose the video you want to watch and click the link. From this moment you will be able to watch the video you paid for during 3 successive hours. If you decide to watch the video you paid for after 3 hours end, your account will be charged again. To watch a video of a woman you should be a registered client and have enough funds on the account. to the top

Why not all women in your database have video available?

Not all women agree to pose to the video camera and tell about themselves. Also, some local agencies do not have necessary technical equipment to shoot video of their girls. to the top

What is introduction/ action/ bikini video?

Introduction video is a video where a girl tells about herself. You will be able to see how she speaks, to hear her voice. If a girl knows English, she will try to say some phrases in English. If a girl speaks Russian, what she says is translated into English and given as subtitles. Action video shows how a girl moves. It is almost like seeing the woman in real Bikini video shows the lady in the swimming suit. She walks, she sits, she lies on the beach, she really wants to attract your attention! to the top

Gift delivery

How do I order a gift?

To order a gift for a lady you click "Send me a gift" button on the lady's profile page. Do not forget to mark "Photo on delivery" if you wish to see your Russian bride holding your gift. Delivery fee is 3 POINTs. Photo on delivery costs 1 additional POINT.to the top

What gifts can I order?

You can order gifts from the standard list of gifts and flowers we offer, or we can deliver a special gift on your request. Contact us with your special orders. to the top

Can I order a gift that is not listed?

Yes, we can deliver a special gift on your request. Contact us with your special orders. to the top

How do you confirm gift delivery?

When a gift is delivered you will get a message from our Support Team informing about it. If, when placing a gift order, you checked the photo on delivery box, you will also receive a photo with the girl holding the gift.to the top

Can I order a gift to be delivered on a desired day?

You can inform the date you want the gift to be delivered, and the local agency will do their best to deliver the gift on the day you ask. But the day and time of delivery are always coordinated with the girl and she chooses the time convenient for her. Please, if you want a gift to be delivered on a certain date, order it 2-3 days in advance to make sure the agency can organzie the delivery and coordinate the time with the lady. to the top

Personal Tour

Our main office is located in Mariupol, the Estern part of Ukraine, but we have branches, offices and partners in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and that's why we can arrange a Personal Tour for you to almost any city according to your choice. To order a personal tour to one or several cities you need to contact us. Contacting us with a question about your Personal tour you do not take any obligations to come, nor we, One In A Million, take any obligations to start planning your tour schedule. When you contact us about arranging a tour for you, we estimate the cost of the tour and inform you about it. Only after you pay a deposit for the tour by money transfer, we start working on it. The balance of the tour cost should be paid in cash to the agency representative on your arrival. If you are visiting several cities, the estimated cost of the tour does not include traveling between the cities or within the cities. You get exactly the services you order. We advise you to arrange the tour through the agency and prepay the tour even if you need minimum of our services (like only picking up at the airport): thus you ensure that one of our staff will be there to meet you and help you during your stay. Find the list and description of services that can be offered you in any city you come to, think which of them you need and mention them in your message regarding a personal tour. You can order the following services:
Airport or train pickup and drop-off.
Arranging meetings with the ladies on our website.
Help and support.
Personal Secretary. to the top

Contact Info

Which contact information can I buy?

At One In A Million you can not buy women's direct contact information, but you can request such contact information as postal address, telephone number in a letter you address to the lady but you can get lady's contact details only after you write 5 letters to the lady. In her reply she will give you the contact information you have requested.to the top

Service package subscription

What benefits service package subscription gives me?

Service package subscription is not unlimited correspondence. If you buy service package subscription you will get 10 free Inquiries monthly, 20 free videos monthly, discounts for POINTs if you buy POINTs for email forwarding, plus for a cost of 1 POINT subscribers can send longer letters then non-subscribers. to the top

If I buy service package subscription do I get free correspondence?

No, service package subscription is not free correspondence. You will have to pay for letters usual 0,25 of a POINT for an introductory letter and 1 POINT for sending a letter or opening a reply, BUT as a subscriber you get discounts for POINTs, thus reducing the cost of 1 POINT and, consequently, 1 letter. to the top

I bought 3 months service package subscription, watched 20 videos, why I can't watch more?

Videos and Inquiries are added to your account every month of your subscription automatically the same day when your subscription was registered. For example, if you bought 3 months service package subscription on the 5th of May, you will receive 20 videos and 10 Inquiries on the 5th of June, and 20 videos and 10 Inquiries on the 5th of July. to the top

If I do not use all Inquiries with the subscription term, will they expire?

Yes, if your service package subscription term ends and you still have unused videos and Inquiries they will expire. But IF before your subscription ends you buy new subscription, your subscription term is prolonged and your videos and Inquiries do not expire. to the top

What is SMS?

SMS is a short message up to 200 symbols long for cost 0.5 POINTs, the cost also includes possible short reply from a girl (if your SMS requires reply). SMS will be translated and delivered to the girl by phone. SMS is designed to help you contact a girl fast when you need it, or wish to send a short message and not to spend the whole POINT on it. to the top