Inquiry note is a short standard note a man sends to a woman expressing his interest in her. Such note is sent from woman's profile page with the help of "Inquiry" button. You can send an Inquiry to those women with whom you have not had any contact through our site before. The text of the Inquiry is standard. Inquiry is received by the woman's agency. The agency calls the woman, invites her to the office to have a look at man's profile. Within a week a man gets a reply to the Inquiry; this reply is also standard one, either yes or no. We advise to send an Inquiry in the beginning of correspondence, after positive reply to your Inquiry you will be able to send an email or postal letter knowing already that the woman is interested in you.

The cost of 1 INQUIRY is 0.25 of a POINT. Service package subscribers can send 10 free Inquiries monthly.

Keep tracking of inquiries

As soon as you register at One In A Million, a personal account is created for you. All inquiries you send, letters you write or receive are stored in the respective sections of your account. Inquiries you send are stored in the section of your account called Inquiries. Each Inquiry you have sent is accompanied with a woman's photo and information; the photo of a woman is also a link to her detailed profile. You can delete Inquiries that were already replied. Notifications about replies to your Inquiries are sent to your email; you will be receiving such notifications if you have chosen to receive them, or you may choose not ot get such notifications, and in this case you will have to check Your Inquiries section in your account. You can change the settings through Account Options.

Replies to Inquiries

As it was said above, replies to Inquiries are standard. You can get reply "yes" with a note that a woman liked your profile but would like to see you photo - it is in case you have not sent a picture for your profile. We would advise you to upload photo to the profile, wait about 24 hours till the photo is resized by our photo-editor and added to your profile in the Men Catalog. If you do not have a picture in your profile you can get a "no" reply, because for many women man's appearance is rather important. The most frequent "no" is because of the age difference. That's why pay attention to the desired age of a partner the woman seeks to reduce the number of "no" replies and not to waste POINTs in vain.